Mike Nock Quartet feat. Michael Brecker

Hearing Michael Brecker on this terrific post-bop/modal recording is inspiring. Brecker’s impressive career covered a ton of ground across a wide variety of genres, but as many hear him in rock, jazz-rock or fusion contexts; ‘In Out and Around’ may take you by surprise. As Brecker’s tenor isn’t competing with a hyper-busy fusion rhythm section or fading in the outro of a rock/pop tune, he’s freer to take a more patient approach to the construction of his solos, which build and soar to incredible heights where the marriage of soul and technique peaks PERFECTLY. Great interplay amongst this quartet which includes pianist Mike Nock, bassist George Mraz and drummer Al Foster, all of whom crush it but Brecker steals the show here. An easy, inexpensive slice of vinyl to acquire and readily available digitally as well. About that album art though… #jazz #vinyl #nowspinning #jazzvinyl #vinylcollection #michaelbrecker #cratedigger #dustyfingers #vinyligclub #igjazz