Great quartet session by an under-recognized hero in jazz. Kudos to tenor saxophonist Paul Jeffrey, whose impressive resume includes recordings and tours with @theloniousmonk @charlesminguslegacy @bbkingofficial and Sam Rivers. Much of his life however was dedicated to music education, serving as director of jazz studies @dukeuniversity since 1983. ‘Watershed’ recorded in 1971 and released in 1973 features Richard Davis (bass), Thelonious Monk Jr (drums) and secret weapon Jack Wilkins (guitar). Wilkins is nearly a co-leader, with explosive single lines and wildly creative chordal trickery throughout. Not to be outdone on his own record, Jeffrey RIPS on tenor sax through largely uptempo material, but his technique is well-rounded as he delivers a ballad with restraint and sensitivity. He and Wilkins have terrific repartee (this session led to Wilkins himself getting signed to do a solo album for which was recently reissued), and alternately pushed/supported by the nimble rhythm section they deliver a gem of a record. Widely available across the digital landscape and common enough in the used LP bins, this is worthy of picking up and perhaps (hopefully) as @juddapatow continues the revival of the Mainstream label it might see the light of day on vinyl again.