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Friday Soundbytes 12/9/05

December 9th, 2005 · No Comments

Here are a few articles worth noting as you head into the weekend:

Wired continues their series on digital music formats with A Music File by Any Other Name, an article comparing the most common lossy formats, and discussing which ones are the most future proof. As I mentioned in yesterday’s posting, the only truly future proof way to store digital audio is to use a lossless codec like FLAC, Shorten or Apple Lossless Codec and convert to compressed lossy formats as needed. Hard drive space is getting cheaper and cheaper…I’ve gotten no fewer than 3 emails this week alone from places like buy.com offering external 320 gig hard drives for about $170….so at about 50 cents per gig and considering you can store about 3 albums per gig in FLAC format it seems pretty economical if you want the maximum quality possible. Wired plans to cover lossless formats in a future article. Wired has gotten a lot of feedback on their music articles published this week and opinions vary widely…take a look here to see what readers have to say.

Fast Company takes a look at P2P startup upstart Kontiki (already in use by over 20 million people with initial deals in place with AOL and the BBC) and how Hollywood’s observation of the music industry’s struggles over the last few years might make them more willing to sleep with the “enemy”.

A less enthusiastic view of Hollywood’s willingness to embrace digital distribution comes from consulting and venture botique i2, who recently published a rather lengthly dissertation on the financial and strategic challenges Hollywood faces in moving into the digital distribution space. The piece is entitled War of the Worlds: Hollywood Opts Out of the ‘Google Economy’ and i2 summarizes their findings by saying:

Hollywood believes large-scale broadband video distribution would only destroy proven value, fail to provide alternative value, and alter a business model that is still far from being in decline. With near-total control of the most valuable program libraries and the business models governing their distribution, a shift towards broadband media will come largely on Hollywood’s terms and at an incremental pace. Read the full article from i2 here.

Finally, here’s an amusing story (courtesy of my colleague Coolfer) about a way in which the RIAA’s war on P2P can help increase your bandwidth…

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