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Yahoo Primes Podcasting

October 10th, 2005 · No Comments

On Monday, October 10, Yahoo will introduce a suite of tools for finding, organizing and rating podcasts at http://podcasts.yahoo.com. Apple earlier this year took the relatively “underground” podcasting movement and brought it to the masses by integrating podcast searching and playback into iTunes software. And while several other podcast search engines have been around since the term was coined, Yahoo is the first megaportal to dedicate tools and resources to podcasting, which will widen the audience of both creators and listeners.

Other search engines are sure to follow at varying levels (I’m sure in the secret Google dev labs buried far beneath Area 51, an entire podcasting system is chugging along in alpha awaiting the opportune time to make its appearance as a public beta) but the real catalyst to podcasting becoming a household name is solving the music licensing issue, which at this time is looking very unlikely as podcasts by nature lack any sort of DRM. And the only DRM which doesn’t feel very DRM-ish to consumers is Apple’s Fairplay, which at this time Apple refuses to license and even if they did would create an additional challenge– Apple would have create a tool that allows people to create their own podcasts and wrap them in Apple DRM in a way that is easy, foolproof and secure or the music labels wouldn’t even consider licensing their content. Let’s hope that this Catch-22 gets solved sooner than later…the last explosive trend the labels failed to capitalize on was filesharing and we’ve all seen how that turned out….

For more on Yahoo’s new podcasting initiative, read this…

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