Lots to love here—an advanced hard bop session from 1975 (when it wasn’t particularly fashionable to do so) expertly played by the quartet of George Coleman (tenor sax), Cedar Walton (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Billy Higgins (drums). I really love the way this album is mixed—there’s an energy in this session that the recording engineers captured perfectly, and it leaps from the speakers like the grooves in the vinyl are simply unable to contain the enthusiasm. Cedar Walton is the de facto leader of the group and co-hero of the session, kicking off the LP with his infectious original “Bolivia” (that bassline is quite an earworm) and exemplary work on “Mode for Joe” which he wrote for Joe Henderson. The quartet’s take on @johncoltrane “Naima” is TERRIFIC and a highlight of the record. Co-hero George Coleman also turns in a superb performance throughout, and the overall chemistry of the quartet results in a killer record that does not AT ALL sound like it was birthed in the 1970s. This was the first record to be released on the Dutch label Timeless (SJP 101) and it was issued in the US on the Muse label (TI 306). Widely available across the digital spectrum too.