My prior post sent me down the Canterbury rabbit hole, digging in my own crates where I pulled out this rarity, the self-titled free jazz release from Lol Coxhill & Steve Miller from 1973 which features Richard Sinclair (bass), Pip Pyle (drums), Phil Miller (guitar) and Archie Leggatt (bass). It’s an interesting record, with one side devoted to Miller’s compositions which are jazzy, fusion-leaning and generally laid-back while the other side features compositions and more experimental soprano sax and tape loop led excursions from Lol Coxhill. More of interest to Canterbury aficionados than an essential listen, though particularly notable to Caravan fans who’ll likely recognize the opening track melody, subsequently lifted and shifted to form the tune ‘Aristocracy’ which kicks off the second side of ‘Waterloo Lily’. UK pressing Caroline/Virgin C1503