When the clocks on Saturday night get late enough to feel like Sunday morning, enter the gospel-infused, blues-drenched stylings of Grant Green. ‘Grant’s First Stand’ is his debut as a leader, recently issued as an all-analog cut as part of @bluenoterecords 80th anniversary celebration. This trio outing featuring Roosevelt “Baby Face” Willette on organ and Ben Dixon on drums was the start of Green’s prolific career as the “in house” guitarist at Blue Note, appearing on nearly 70 albums over the few years. He’d lead 30 of those himself, ranging from hard bop to modal to soul jazz to funk, all of which featured his distinctive sound—a biting, clean tone and tendency to favor single-note lines over chords. Criminally underrated during his all-too-short lifetime (he died of a heart attack in 1979 after years of substance abuse issues), his star rose considerably as the acid jazz movement and hip hop sampling revealed the depth of his creativity and contributions. Legendary records like ‘Idle Moments’, ‘Feelin the Spirit’ and ‘Street of Dreams’ may already be a part of your jazz library, but this is where it all began, and very much worth exploring. A perfect Sunday morning spin