A stone cold classic among Kenny Dorham’s many stone cold classics! Joe Henderson is a superb sparring partner—his tenor bite is the ideal foil to Dorham’s trumpet bark (albeit an often sweet bark). Henderson also contributes the tune “Mamacita” which is hellagroovy. This session was recorded 14 Sept 1964 and produced four lengthy tracks, all infused with Latino and/or classical sensibilities. This is consistent with one of Dorham’s many strengths—he could remain rooted enough in tradition while simultaneously exploring new musical territory. As new vistas in jazz were leading to experimentations in song structure, world music influences and harmonic constructs, he was more than skilled in ratcheting up the compositional complexity, and building a band capable of executing the ideas. The linchpin in this lineup is bassist Richard Davis, whom Dorham and Henderson had played with several months earlier on Andrew Hill’s experimental post-bop classic ‘Point of Departure’ and Joe Henderson’s adventurous ‘In n Out’. Together, they inject ‘Trompeta Toccata’ with a bevy of toe-tapping complexity, and it’s simply marvelous. Sadly, this was to be Dorham’s final session as a leader, his activities winding down to sideman work over the following years until succumbing to kidney disease in 1972. I don’t mean to neglect the contributions of pianist Tommy Flanagan who contributes some fine solos, nor drummer Albert Heath though they are somewhat overshadowed by the aforementioned triple threat of Dorham/Henderson/Davis. This is a 1985 Japanese reissue Blue Note ‎– BNJ-71074/BST 84181