You need this record in your life: it’s got memorable tunes, fantastic interplay, expert musicians, a wide variety of styles and stellar sound. It’s a record I return to frequently, and each time I do I find another facet to explore further and enjoy more deeply. ’The Hip Walk’ was recorded 1 Sept 1965 at a session led by Dr. Nathan Davis (tenor/soprano sax, flute) joined on the frontline by Carmell Jones (trumpet), and the DEVASTATING rhythm section of Francis Boland (piano), Jimmy Woode (bass) and Kenny Clarke (drums). This is one of three records recorded that year in Europe, all of which are scarce on vinyl. This is a superbly done Speakers Corners reissue which is an exact replica of the original SABA pressing. It’s available in the digital realm, as is its “sister” album ‘Happy Girl’ (an excellent quintet date featuring a young Woody Shaw, and Larry Young on piano). The third LP in the trilogy, ‘Peace Treaty’ (also featuring Shaw) is digitally MIA. Dr. Davis is one of the great, unsung heroes of jazz. He was a brilliant player, clever composer/arranger and a superb bandleader with a keen eye for up-and-coming talent. He had offers to join the Jazz Messengers and sign to Blue Note, but he chose a different calling—education. He left Europe in the late 60s, pioneering jazz academia back in the US at the University of Pittsburgh. There, in addition to establishing multiple educational frameworks for jazz, he kickstarted a variety of lasting works including the Pitt Jazz Ensemble, the William Robinson Recording Studio and the Sonny Rollins International Jazz Archives. He received a doctorate in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University in 1974. By choosing the road less traveled, his contributions to jazz academia will resonate for decades! Sadly, as Dr. Davis recorded sporadically for smaller labels, so his catalog is not widely available. I hope given willingness, resources, time and emotional bandwidth his estate is able to address recorded legacy as he made a lot of amazing music deserving of more ears.