Don’t know this record? You’re not alone. Issued in tiny quantities back in 1983 on a small Japanese label, Takeo Moriyama’s ‘East Plants’ would have remained adrift in the ocean of obscurity if it weren’t for the hard work and support of @bacoso @the_jazz_dad @bbemusic and Takeo himself, who reissued this gem last year in a truly first class manner. The original single LP on the VAP label would probably set you back a few hundred bucks. Now for under $25, you can pick up this stunning 2-LP 180g reissue. It’s beautifully packaged in an obi-wrapped gatefold sleeve reproducing the original cover art which includes interesting liner notes. The music itself covers a lot of ground, moving from modal and spiritual voyages to the center of the cosmos to energetic post-bop and even occasional raga-like, meditative moments; all excellently played by a piano-less quintet: Takeo Moriyama (drums) Syuichi Enomoto & Toshihiko Inoue (tenor/soprano sax) Hideaki Mochizuki (bass) and Yohji Sadanari (percussion). As one might expect from a drummer-led project, rhythms take center-stage here and the drumming/percussion is ridiculously impressive throughout. A taste of this LP is available on the highly recommended J-Jazz compilation, and this full length record comes equally highly recommended. Terrific stuff. Available on digital platforms too.