Dateline: 17 May 1962. Bill Evans returns to the studio to lead a new trio after nearly a year of self-imposed isolation. Evans had become depressed and found himself in the clutches of heroin addiction following the tragic death of bassist Scott LaFaro. LaFaro—1/3 of Evans’ first iconic trio—had died in a car accident ten days after the shows that produced the iconic recordings ‘Waltz For Debby’ and ‘Live at the Village Vanguard.’ This trio and the music they produced was the stuff of legend, having developed a near-telepathic interplay that sounded like one musician in three bodies. I can only imagine the emotional weight Evans felt in putting a new trio together…the expectations that fans and critics had—or that Evans perceived—must have been a crushing weight. Despite this pressure, the May/June sessions were fruitful, and a Riverside decided to split the music between two releases, with the ballads appearing on ‘Moonbeams,’ and the more uptempo material appearing here on ‘How My Heart Sings!’ New bassist Chuck Israels joined Evans and returning drummer Paul Motian on a program of Evans originals, and a bunch of standards, and the results are superb. Fast forward to right now: the news is awful to read, and all of us are living/working under difficult, unprecedented circumstances, physically isolated from family & friends. Going down a rabbit hole of sadness and dark thoughts is so easy, and so understandable. But today, the weather and the music are sunny, and I am grateful for the smiles of my family, the kind words of friends and colleagues, and the many, many supportive comments/DMs from so many of you. Thank you all…my heart sings! This is an original stereo pressing, Riverside RS 9473